PS Awareness Day Resources

Poland Syndrome Awareness Day Resources  This Poland Syndrome Awareness Day we want to help you: Get together & Raise awareness  Celebrate & Fundraise for Poland Syndrome across the globe.   We have created some resources for you to print and use at home...

Living Well with Poland Syndrome Blog

How positive journaling can improve your outlook when living with Poland Syndrome. Tiegan MacAulay Poland syndrome is a condition whereby a person’s muscles on one side of the body are absent or undeveloped, causing anomalies in the chest, as well as the...

Poland Syndrome 1940’s baby

Throughout life I have tried not to let the disability hold me back and have had a career in scientific research. I have driven a manual car for the last 50 years and I have always played sport. I have played football, rugby, golf and squash at a not very high level at various times in my life. I still fly fish and go for a jog several times a week.

Poland Syndrome – Getting Older

This information was kindly provided by Shirley in our Poland Syndrome Facebook Group. Shirley gave us permission to publish her account to our blog post. Our hope is this will be of use to others who are experiencing life as an older person living with Poland...

Poland Syndrome | Father’s Story

Poland Syndrome Father’s are not a group of individuals we hear from. We were delighted when one Poland Syndrome Father agreed to share his experience

Poland Syndrome | Being a Trustee

Find out what it is like to be a trustee and help other people. Supporting families and individuals living with poland syndrome is the life blood of PIP-UK

Poland Syndrome | Starting School

Is your child starting school are you worried about what to say to teachers about Poland Syndrome? Mum, Sam shares her experience.

Poland Syndrome | Getting the right treatment

Sometimes you have to just keep going back to the doctor to get the right treatment. Sam shares her experience about dealing with the medical professionals to get some phsyio treatment for her son,

Poland Syndrome | Swimming Lessons

Poland Syndrome can be a difficult diagnosis for parents but there will come a time when you don’t feel the need to explain to everyone.