If your little one is embarking upon the adventure that is primary school in September and they were born with Poland Syndrome, then I am sure that there are some things on your mind that I hope I can help with.

When George was born with Poland’s Syndrome, I worried about moments such as first day of school and thought it would be marred with worries of ‘will people accept him’, will he be able to do everything he needs to with his little hand’, ‘will anyone ask him questions about his hand’. When the day finally did arrive I was honesfirst_day_in_schooltly mostly concerned about whether he was happy or not and how he was going to settle in and make friends. Poland’s Syndrome was at the back of my mind by the time the big day arrived and I got lost in the emotion of my little boy in his big uniform heading out into the school world.

I didn’t really talk to his teachers about it until something came up later on in the year with some boys not being very nice to him and my first thought was bullying about his small hand. I talked to the teacher about it and she said no-one had even noticed his hand, he gets on with everything in his own way and the naughty behaviour was boisterous boys.

My advice is, don’t sweat the Poland’s Syndrome, there is lots going on when they start school, there are lots of new people, new routines and new beginnings that are much more challenging than anything to do with Poland’s Syndrome. And even when those challenges present themselves, our Poland’s Syndrome kids are pretty special and make it through.