Volunteer Opportunities Summer 22

We are on our way to creating a thriving Poland Syndrome Community that enables the people affected by Poland Syndrome to live their best lives. PIP-UK brings together the Poland Syndrome Community by creating a culture that celebrates, connects and informs. But we...

Living Well with Poland Syndrome Blog

How positive journaling can improve your outlook when living with Poland Syndrome. Tiegan MacAulay Poland syndrome is a condition whereby a person’s muscles on one side of the body are absent or undeveloped, causing anomalies in the chest, as well as the...

Poland Syndrome Awareness Fun Day 2022

Poland Syndrome Awareness Day Fun Day Meet Up PIP-UK celebrates Poland Syndrome Awareness Day with Fun Day Meet-up!#PolandSyndromeAwarenessDay Poland syndrome is a condition in which a person’s muscles on one side of the body are absent or undeveloped, causing...

Poland Syndrome Essay by Charlotte Mercer (medical student)

Rare Disease Patient Groups: Taking Research Into Their Own Hands Rare Diseases and Research Participation Introduction Living with a rare disease can be an incredibly isolating experience, with some patients suffering in silence for many years. This problem is...

Finding Community in Rare Disease

Angel shares her experience of not realising that she was looking for a community. Until she found the PIP-UK Poland Syndrome Support charity.

Poland Syndrome | Father’s Story

Poland Syndrome Father’s are not a group of individuals we hear from. We were delighted when one Poland Syndrome Father agreed to share his experience

Poland Syndrome | Starting School

Is your child starting school are you worried about what to say to teachers about Poland Syndrome? Mum, Sam shares her experience.