Richard Stott – Wretched (Poland Syndrome)

PIP-UK went to see Richard Stott’s show at the Edingburgh Fringe Festival. Richard is an actor who has Poland Syndrome. His show “Wretched” is all about his personal experience of living with Poland Syndrome.

Bringing Sisters Together

The money we raise at PIP-UK is used to raise awareness of Poland Syndrome, to pay for costs of a website but also to help those in need. This is a short account of a family in need who we supported.

PIP-UK becomes a Member of Rare Disease UK

PIP-UK becomes a Member of Rare Disease UK

PIP-UK had membership to Rare Disease UK confirmed today! We are genuinely excited about this new partnership. We have been exploring their site and now we’re buzzing with all sorts of ideas … watch this space!

PIP-UK attended a Seminar for Poland Syndrome in Rome

Italian Poland Syndrome Conference

This Saturday and Sunday see’s the annual conference of the Italian Poland Syndrome Association (AISP) conference in Tuscany.  Its a 2 day event and its open to members, friends and supporters of the organisation including families.  With the help of...