What about PS? A Poland Syndrome Podcast


What about PS? Hosted by Giselle Barbosa, PIP-UK Ambassador, Entrepreneur and Athlete. The What about PS? podcast aims to shine a light on Poland Syndrome, a rare disease, and the lived experience of the Poland Syndrome community.

Each episode, Giselle will explore inclusive and varied experiences of people living with Poland Syndrome with a variety of guests, from Paralympian Kim Daybell, Former Cricketer Lewis Hatchett, Australian Gymnast Clay Mason Stephens to medical professionals, bra companies and the most amazing members of our community. With engaging interviews, thought-provoking discussions, and the inclusive experience of the Poland Syndrome Community. The What about PS? podcast promises to be a must-listen for anyone curious about Poland Syndrome. Including the Poland Syndrome community, their friends and families, medical professionals and the rare disease community.

“We’re thrilled to be launching this new podcast series and can’t wait to share it with our audience,” said Sam Fillingham CEO PIP-UK. “With Giselle Barbosa’ss expertise and the insights of our guests, we believe this podcast will become a valuable resource for the Poland Syndrome Community and medical professionals, providing them with the information and inspiration they need to live well with Poland Syndrome and find out more about treatment.

Listeners can tune in to the What about PS? podcast on Apple,Spotify, Amazon, TuneIn + Alexa. For more information and to listen to the latest episodes, visit pip-uk.org.

About PIP-UK. PIP-UK is a registered charity. Our activities include 121 engagements with individuals and families so we work directly with those affected.  We also host community events that bring those affected together. We also run advocacy & wellbeing services and clinics with health care professionals to encourage their involvement.  

There are no specialist doctors for PS, so for our community this means diagnosis & treatment is difficult. Parents are accused of mistreating a child when shoulders are hypermobile, teenagers go through years of torment, and adults live with debilitating mental health issues due to a lifetime of hiding their bodies.  Our work is about supporting this marginalised community and for them to be treated equally against other disabilities, raise awareness and connect the community.


Poland Syndrome is rare limb difference you are born with, the body is affected on one side where muscles, bones or organs are absent or underdeveloped.

For media inquiries, please contact Sam Fillingham, CEO at PIP-UK. Contact on 07708 209874 and sam.pipuk@gmail.com.