You are not alone

Poland Syndrome is so rare individuals and families can feel isolated and very alone with no one to talk to or share their troubles and joys. This is why we set up PIP-UK and we were delighted to receive some positive feedback on our Facebook Page today !

Poland Syndrome | Dancer

Poland Syndrome | Dancer

Poland syndrome shouldn’t hold you back from anything especially physical activity. Today we share a story of a young dancer who has Poland Syndrome.

How will my child….?

When a child is born with limb differences like poland syndrome parents can often feel like they have a zillion questions and no one to ask. Well take a look at today’s post and we’ll help you answer some with a little help from Jack 🙂

New Syndrome or Poland Syndrome?

Published in “The Official Journal Of The Society of Thoraic Surgeons and The Southern Thoraic Surgical Association” is an article about the possibility of a new potential categorisation of Poland Syndrome. Below is the abstract from the article which can...

Different Syndactyly and Treatments

Today we share a video from an orthopedic surgeon discussing the different types of “syndactyly” and possible treatments. Syndactyly in the case of poland syndrome is visually seen by fused or webbed fingers.

What is Syndactyly?

Syndactyly of the fingers is one of the characteristics of Poland Syndrome, more commonly referred to as “webbed fingers”. This post explains in more detail what syndactyly is, how it occurs, some different types of syndactyly and how it affects the functionality and appearance of a hand.