Parents with a child born with limb differences like Poland Syndrome often have lots of questions. They wonder how will their child adapt? How will he/she cope with a society that is not very accepting of limb differences? We’ve got news for you! Your child won’t adapt they will just do. Children are incredibly resourceful and they just learn. They don’t “adapt” to “normal” ways of doing things they just learn and do. The video below is from a mum who felt she had lots of questions when Jack was born. 10 questions for 10 years. Jack has showed her and us it’s no big deal, I just do. Questions include, will he be able to crawl? will he be able to climb? will he be able to do all the things in childhood he should? Will he be able to play sports …… the same answer for every questions is emphatically YES! Watch the video below and let Jack show you there’s nothing to worry about children just learn and do. They don’t know any different!