One of the characteristics of Poland Syndrome can be “syndactyly”. In the case of poland syndrome this is seen where some fingers are “webbed” or completely fused. This short video featuring an orthopedic surgeon from the united states gives a good overview of “syndactyly” and it’s various forms and treatments.

We know that surgery is not for everyone and it is a personal choice. You should always talk to medical professionals about surgery and the risks it may carry. Making this choice for yourself or your child can be a difficult decision. We wanted to share this video to demystify the terminology and bring it to life to help people understand.

We will continue to post different videos and other information to help our readers to learn more about some of the medical terms used. It can all be a little overwhelming so we hope this helps increase your knowledge to feel better informed.

If there areas about Poland Syndrome and/or it’s possible treatments you would like to hear more about then do let us know. Leave a comment below or write to us via our contact us page.