We’ve reported a few times about Poland Syndrome not be diagnosed correctly. But were saddened when we heard this story from a young man.

I’m 20 years old male from Egypt, I have Poland Syndrome on my left side, missing the lower pectoral muscle and the left hand is a bit weak. I would like to share my story mine starts at age 11 when i first noticed it and told my parents.They didn’t do anything and just laughed at it and said it is going to be OK later on when I’m older.

As the years went by I really didn’t care about it until I hit 16 and I realized that wasn’t normal at all. Sometimes mean people used to laugh about in my face so my close friend told me to go to the gym maybe it will get better !

At the age of 18 I spent 4 months at the gym killing myself with workouts but nothing, actually it got more embarrassing because now the right side was all buffed up and the left is nothing. So i stopped, forever.

At the age of 19 I did one last try with my Dad who is dermatologist but doesn’t seem to know anything about Poland Syndrome, and he told me when you grow older at the age of 21 this piece of (fat) will grow by itself.

This poor man, so unfair that he has been left to deal with Poland Syndrome by himself like this. We need to get the message out there folks. Please share this post we’ve included a flash card below so people can get a quick overview of Poland Syndrome.

card six