tips With the world cup filling our screens and the sun finally beginning to shine in the UK we turned our attention to finding out translations for “Poland Syndrome” in other languages. This way if you go abroad and need to seek medical attention for yourself or someone in your family who has Poland Syndrome you will be able to speak their language as it were.
We made you a page with flags listed in alphabetical order from around the world. We even found Japanese for you! As and when we learn more we’ll add them to the page. If you know of any alternate translations do let us know so we can share with others.

United Kingdon
Incidentally the English Language has the most variations of “Poland Syndrome” look at this long list: Poland’s syndrome, Poland’s anomalad, Poland’s syndactyly, Syndrome, Poland, POLAND’S SYNDROME, SYNDROME POLANDS, Unilateral difference of pectoralis muscle and syndactyly of hand, POLAND SYNDROME, Poland sequence, POLAND ANOMALY, POLAND SYNDACTYLY, POLAND SEQUENCE, Poland syndrome (disorder), Poland’s anomaly, Syndrome Polands, Poland Syndrome [Disease/Finding], Poland Syndactyly, Poland Anomaly, Anomaly, Poland, Syndactyly, Poland, poland anomaly, anomaly polands, poland’s anomaly, poland’s syndrome, polands syndrome, poland syndrome, poland syndrome (diagnosis), Poland anomalad, Poland anomaly, Poland anomaly (disorder), Unilateral difference of pectoralis muscle AND syndactyly of hand, Poland syndrome, Poland, Poland Syndrome….. and breath that sure is a lot of variations!