Poland Syndrome | Getting the right treatment

Sometimes you have to just keep going back to the doctor to get the right treatment. Sam shares her experience about dealing with the medical professionals to get some phsyio treatment for her son,

Poland Syndrome | Supporting Parents

We work in lots of different ways to help those dealing with Poland Syndrome. Liz our trustee shares an account from a mother we helped recently dealing with concerns about her child growing up with Poland Syndrome

Poland Syndrome | Be The Voice of Your Child

Poland Syndrome is so rare that dealing with medical professionals can be frustrating and difficult. Finding your own voice for your child can be stressful but so important.

Poland Syndrome | Story – Buying Gloves

“For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction” – Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was of course referring to physics theories but we believe today’s short story means it can apply to the human race too.

Poland Syndrome | Hand differences

This video is a collection of stories from parents who have kids born with a hand difference. We also hear from the children who share their experience. This is a great video for everyone to watch.

Poland Syndrome | Harveys Story

Poland Syndrome | Harveys Story

Meet Mum Rio, and gorgeous son Harvey. Rio found PIP-UK after discovering her son had Poland Syndrome. We’ve been helping her out along the way and today she shares her’s and Harvey’s story with us.

Poland Syndrome | Please Ask Me!

Poland Syndrome | Please Ask Me!

Being the parent of a child who has Poland Syndrome can often lead to people staring. Brody’s Mum wrote to us recently with her thoughts on this