Body Image – Teenagers

Body Image – Teenagers

People with Poland Syndrome will at varying points in their life address the issue of body image. It’s important we start to find the right tools to help

Short Stories | Workplace Bully

Poland Syndrome a rare birth defect causes visual differences that are noticeable children making them easy targets to be be bullied at school. But what happens when the join the workforce?

Short Stories | Buying Gloves

“For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction” – Sir Isaac Newton. Newton was of course referring to physics theories but we believe today’s short story means it can apply to the human race too.

Poland Syndrome | Hand differences

This video is a collection of stories from parents who have kids born with a hand difference. We also hear from the children who share their experience. This is a great video for everyone to watch.

Poland Syndrome | Harveys Story

Poland Syndrome | Harveys Story

Meet Mum Rio, and gorgeous son Harvey. Rio found PIP-UK after discovering her son had Poland Syndrome. We’ve been helping her out along the way and today she shares her’s and Harvey’s story with us.

Poland Syndrome Robohand

UNLV Engineers develop a special robohand for Hailey Dawson who has Poland Syndrome this short video explains how. (Video takes a little while to start please be patient)