Sharing your story is so powerful for you and others. We know how tough it can be share your story and we really apprecaite it when peope do. We were happy this lady go in touch to share her story and she finally knows she’s not alone!

While I was in middle school, as a girl, I hit puberty, and I started having my periods, my breasts started growing and I got worried pretty quick, one of my breast wasn’t growing as fast as the other.

My family would tell me not to worry and that it’ll come and it’s normal that my breasts aren’t the same size and that i’m still growing.

So I waited, but my left breast was not growing at all anymore and was barely noticeable compared to my right breast who was heavy and in need of a good bra already.

I saw doctors left right and center, but none of them knew the cause , they would just tell me ” it’ll grow, just wait “.  So I waited again. They never grew more than they had after I was 15.

I had to hide them away and was extremely insecure because of that, I refused to particiate in the school sports lessons because it included swimming and I was not able to be comfortable in a swimsuit.
It was hard at school too, being a teen insecure and my body not growing the “right” way made me a ball of anxiousness .

At 16 we ( my family and I) found a surgeon who agreed to operate on my chest. For the surgery to be somewhat reumbursed to us I had to prove there was a need for “reconstruction ” and that it wasn’t just asthetic. So I went to another doctor with my mother, one whom the insurance company asked we go see so they can confirm I had indeed a NEED for the surgery and not a “want “.

As i undressed yet again for another doctor I saw the sheer shock on her face, she looked like she was about to refused the surgery when I went in the room, but as soon as she looked at me her eyes just opened so wide i’ll always remember her face. She immeditely agreed to the reimbursement of the surgery.

I got the surgery at 16, in 2017 they reduced my right breast and used my own fat tissue from my belly to fill my left breast. While I recover, I am doing better with myself I am still somewhat in pain sometimes in my left breast.

And I always though I was the only one with this huge deformity since i was always told ” it’s just like that, it’s a malformation “. I discovered today that I may have Poland syndrome and that I am not alone. I am 21 years old.