Richard Stott – Wretched (Poland Syndrome)

PIP-UK went to see Richard Stott’s show at the Edingburgh Fringe Festival. Richard is an actor who has Poland Syndrome. His show “Wretched” is all about his personal experience of living with Poland Syndrome.

Poland Syndrome | Being a Trustee

Find out what it is like to be a trustee and help other people. Supporting families and individuals living with poland syndrome is the life blood of PIP-UK

Bringing Sisters Together

The money we raise at PIP-UK is used to raise awareness of Poland Syndrome, to pay for costs of a website but also to help those in need. This is a short account of a family in need who we supported.

Poland Syndrome | Supporting Parents

We work in lots of different ways to help those dealing with Poland Syndrome. Liz our trustee shares an account from a mother we helped recently dealing with concerns about her child growing up with Poland Syndrome