PIP-UK survives only on the money we raise ourselves, which we work hard to achieve. We don’t have a large bank balance and have to use our funds wisely. But we are here to help anyone with Poland Syndrome the best way we can and we know only too well that every little helps.

We really appreciate all the people who have helped us raise funds with our cake, book sales and sponsored runs.

So when we came across this sad story we felt we must help. A young woman in the UK learnt that her sister, who has P.S., was terminally ill and her last wish was to see her sister again and for her two children to be reunited with their auntie. They had not seen each other for 8 years. Both sisters could not afford the cost of a visit to each other. The sister who is ill, has little outside support and is living on disability payments as she is too ill to work. She was a nurse herself and looked after sick people, she needs looking after herself now.

A fund was set up to help raise the funds to be able to reunite these sisters probably for the last time. I have sisters myself and yes, we have argued and fallen out, but I love them dearly. I would do anything to get to them if they needed me, it would break my heart if I couldn’t get to them in this situation. One of my sisters was diagnosed with breast cancer 18 months ago, I was devastated. But I was so lucky to be able to be with her as she went through her treatment. This is the only time in many,many years that I have ever seen her cry. She is a very brave women and only cried once during her treatment. Thankfully she has survived and I can’t tell you how happy this makes me.

Unfortunately these sisters will not have a happy ending like me so we needed to help them. PIP-UK made a donation to this fund and hope they manage to meet up soon.

EDIT: We heard the funding has enabled the sisters to meet up. PIP-UK is proud to have been part of bringing a family in need together.