Poland Syndrome – Female Struggles

I was diagnosed with Poland Syndrome at age 8. With precocious puberty, I was already on edge about how my body was developing, so when I noticed my breasts beginning to differ by multiple cup sizes with no end in sight, it really affected my ability to view myself...

Poland Syndrome 1940’s baby

Throughout life I have tried not to let the disability hold me back and have had a career in scientific research. I have driven a manual car for the last 50 years and I have always played sport. I have played football, rugby, golf and squash at a not very high level at various times in my life. I still fly fish and go for a jog several times a week.

Poland Syndrome Ambassadors

We are very blessed at PIP-UK to have 4 amazing Poland Syndrome Ambassadors  Lewis Hatchett – An Athlete Mindset Coach  Becca Butcher – Digital Creator  Kim Daybell – Paralympian and Junior Doctor  Richard Stott – Actor and Comedian  All 4 live...

Poland Syndrome – Getting Older

This information was kindly provided by Shirley in our Poland Syndrome Facebook Group. Shirley gave us permission to publish her account to our blog post. Our hope is this will be of use to others who are experiencing life as an older person living with Poland...

Finding Community in Rare Disease

Angel shares her experience of not realising that she was looking for a community. Until she found the PIP-UK Poland Syndrome Support charity.

Poland Syndrome | Missing Muscle

The Mystery of the Missing Muscle I am a 67 year old man with Poland Syndrome – though up until a few years ago I had no idea that is what it is called. It was only after hearing the Sussex cricketer Lewis Hatchett speak about the condition on Test Match Special that...

Poland Syndrome | Father’s Story

Poland Syndrome Father’s are not a group of individuals we hear from. We were delighted when one Poland Syndrome Father agreed to share his experience