We are very blessed at PIP-UK to have 4 amazing Poland Syndrome Ambassadors 

  • Lewis Hatchett – An Athlete Mindset Coach 
  • Becca Butcher – Digital Creator 
  • Kim Daybell – Paralympian and Junior Doctor 
  • Richard Stott – Actor and Comedian 

All 4 live with Poland Syndrome themselves and have unique experiences of growing up with PS. 

Richard Stott

Richard, has been a long-time friend of PIP-UK. Many years ago we sponsored his stand up act at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Richard has talked about Poland Syndrome many times in his stand up routines. Using the medium of comedy to raise awareness about Poland Syndrome. Since becoming an ambassador for PIP-UK he has raised money for our charity and held live talks and interviews with others on the subject of Poland Syndrome. We would welcome you showing your support by following him on Instagram

Kim Daybell

Kim we discovered when the Paralympics came to London. Kim is a table tennis Paralympian. We reached out to him during the Paralympics and we were over the moon when he got back in touch. Our founders young son was simply delighted watching him on the TV. Since becoming an ambassador for Poland Syndrome Kim has qualified as a junior doctor. He hosted a live Q+A with many members from our Poland Syndrome Community. It was brilliant to hear from him. His passion to want to change the way the medical professionals deal with people living with Poland Syndrome was inspiring.  You can follow Kin too on Instagram.  

Lewis Hatchett

Lewis  we discovered a few years ago after watching an interview with him talking about living with Poland Syndrome and being a pro-cricketer. We reached out to Lewis, who again delighted us by responding. Lewis actually recorded a video for our first ever Poland Syndrome family day. He has since gone on to share images, videos and stories with us which we have in turn shared with our community. Lewis is about to deliver a Living Well With Poland Syndrome course for Young Adults in the UK this October . Putting his athlete mindset coaching skills to use and sharing his personal experiences.  Follow Lewis on Instagram

Becca Butcher

Becca is our newest friend out of the 4 ambassadors.  We discovered Becca from her Instagram profile just before the media exploded with her story about living with Poland Syndrome. Becca is a huge advocate for the Poland Syndrome community and has many women following her and benefiting from her positive upbeat attitude. Becca has done interviews, videos, articles and posts about Poland Syndrome helping to raise awareness. On Poland Syndrome Awareness Day this year she held a live discussion on Instagram with fellow ambassador Richard Stott. Earlier this year Becca joined the PIP-UK family weekend away sharing her stories with parents of children living with Poland Syndrome. 

All our Poland Syndrome ambassadors are actively involved in raising awareness. We are grateful for everything they do for the Poland Syndrome community and we look forward to continuing to work along side them. 

To hear more about their individual stories and why they wanted to become Poland Syndrome Ambassadors for PIP-UK by visiting the PIP-UK Poland  Syndrome Ambassadors Page.