A few days ago we told you about a Mother who had made a book about differences for her daughter who was born with limb differences. Well this is Isabelli in the pictures below. Her mum writes a blog about her achievements and thoughts as Isabelli grows up. A child who has Poland Syndrome can be a wonderful experience for parents who watch and learn with amazement at what their child achieves. But the thing is they don’t know any different so they just do!

Isabelli’s mum shares her thoughts on a post entitled “Talent Does Not Count on Fingers”

Never, ever discourage your child from doing what they want, even though it might seem very difficult for you or nearly impossible because of his/her differences. Remember they don’t know any different and that they were born with the ability of learning anything, just like anyone! The only difference is that they will learn it in a different way, using different methods.
Let them try things out and find out if they work for them or not. Encourage and don’t let them give up easily. Especially when there is a lot of talent involved!
Our daughter Isabelli has always been inclined to music, just like us. Since she was little, she had a lot of rhythm and that gift has been developing very fast. She is just 2 and a half and I am just waiting until she is about 4, for her to start with piano lessons.