Hello there, today we introduce you to another blog from someone who has poland syndrome. Aaron Riedl tells us all about poland syndrome and includes some pictures which aptly show the birth differences he was born with.

For young lads out there Aaron explains how he can still do all the sports he wants… this excerpt is taken from his blog

I am very physically athletic and use my arm as if it is normal. I play sports, do push-ups, pull-ups, handstands, and even back handsprings. I have found that other muscles compensate for my missing pectoral, allowing me to have enough strength to perform basic activities. However, there is a significant lack of strength in my right arm muscles. I find myself using my left arm a lot more when maxing out on push-ups or pull-ups.

Aaron is very active on the Facebook support groups and is eager to help and support others. His article gives a great overview on poland’s syndrome.

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