suanne_proBeing a girl and growing up with Poland Syndrome brings it’s own set of challenges. Today we bring you a short insight into one lady’s experiences. Suanne Reiker tells us about her own experiences growing up with Poland Syndrome and how she has now found her self-esteem.

Suanne recalls her experience of school particularly in relation to physical education and the self-conscious feelings that brings, especially when girls hit puberty. Poland Syndrome often results in one breast being larger than the other and this was the case for Suanne.

Suanne continues by talking to us about the various reconstructive surgeries she had and how this made her feel each time. As she grew older and matured into adulthood the concerns and worries of childhood followed her for a long time.  She says:

” I would try on 20 different tops before I would feel comfortable to leave the house.  I was a prisoner. I was self-conscience. I was unhappy. “

There is one particular point that shows why PIP-UK’s desire to share and educate is still relevant. Suanne tells us that she was advised when she got pregnant that the smaller breast would grow to the same size. This was not the case. But it tells us there is education to be done amongst medical professionals as well as the general public.

You can read Suanne’s story for yourself  here : “From Prisoner to The Freedom of Self-Esteem” .