Poland Syndrome can make an individual feel very self-conscious especially during teenage years when no one wants to look or feel different. Today we share a story about a young man who at the age of 24 opted to have surgery to enhance his chest area before walking down the aisle with his bride.

Paul recounts his experiences in an article printed by The Express which you can read in full at your leisure. We have taken a few excerpts from the account which you can read below

Paul first became aware of a problem when as a skinny 15-year-old he started working out. After several months the muscles on the left side of his chest were becoming more defined while the right pectoral appeared strangely sunken. “It didn’t matter how many press-ups I did nothing seemed to make any difference,” says Paul, a manager at McDonald’s.

After confiding in his GP, Paul was referred to hospital where a number of consultants examined him. Eventually, one made the link with Poland syndrome.

“I was told there was no cure but that the condition wouldn’t affect me playing football or running,” says Paul. “I could have reconstructive surgery but there weren’t any guarantees it would work.”

“I felt like a freak,” he adds. “I was paranoid about anyone seeing me with my top off.”

Plagued with insecurities about his looks since his teens, Paul vowed to find a solution before his September wedding to fiancee Faye Readman.

One option was to insert a silicone implant but in a man’s case it can be tricky to get a natural-looking result and the procedure can be costly and painful. Paul’s GP put him in touch with a cosmetic surgeon who suggested a temporary but less invasive solution which involved an injectable filler to plump out his pectoral muscle.

Dubbed the “boob jab”, the breast tissue is injected with a thick and naturally occurring gel called Macrolane.

Dr Yannis Alexandrides, the plastic surgeon who treated Paul, says “Macrolane has been very successful in boosting small breasts. In Paul’s case it was the perfect solution as I was able to control the amount I injected, then massage it in to give a natural curve to his chest.”

The injectable breast implants cost £1,400 and it is likely Paul will need a top-up within two years. “My mates joke I’ve had a boob job but I don’t care. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle.”

Surgery isn’t the answer for everyone. And you should always consult your G.P. before undertaking any kind of surgery to understand the risks involved. There are different types of cosmetic surgery that can be carried out and it is a good idea to discuss them all with your doctors. Don’t be afraid to ask if there’s another option or seek a second opinion. Poland Syndrome is rare and not all medical professionals are up to date with the latest advancements in this medical area. Take your time, be sure and most importantly do what makes you happy.