During our time with PIP-UK we have made a few friends. One of these is Cynthia Sharp author of “P.S. You are Loved” a book full of stories about living with Poland Syndrome. Today we share a short note that Cynthia wrote sometime ago but is still relevant to us all.

“At one point I was sure being born with a birth difference meant to me that I was, just not right, that I should hide or I thought that other people would not love me. Most of all being born with Poland Syndrome was all about fear and the pressure I put on myself to fit in, find my spot in the world and to hope that someday I would find love. As I look back I now realize that what I was looking for outside of myself was never going to fill up the inside. I was spending much of my time looking for love from others, when all I really wanted was love from me.

Of course I’m talking about the early days here, back when I was in my teens, 20’s and 30’s. Now in my 40’s I have found my place, I know my worth and love runs deep inside and out of this beautiful body of mine. But did I have to wait so long to get here? Was there a faster path? I think we are all where we are suppose to be, some of us pop in to this world full of self love and confidence and some of us pick up small pebbles of it along the road of life. I like to think of myself as a pebble picker upper.

The most important thing to understand is it really does not matter where you are on your life road when it comes to coming to terms with your self-worth, Poland Syndrome or your body image. What matters is moving forward taking the next step. Try to look at where you want to end up, let’s just say its self love, self esteem or trusting that you are lovable…or whatever works for you is where you want to be. The point is to have an ending spot and walk toward it every day, some days you might take big leaps and others tiny baby steps, but just keep walking. With the knowledge that you have a direction you want to end at.”

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