We found another blog to share with you all on Living with Poland’s Syndrome. “Living With Poland’s / A Safe Haven” is on Tumblr and here’s what the author has to say about their blog:

Hello and welcome to my blog Living with Poland’s, a blog ran by a woman living with Poland’s Syndrome. My name is MJ, I’m 21, Pansexual and from England. This is an informative and safe haven blog, where you can learn about Polands, the signs and symptoms and learn of supportive groups, websites and forums. Aside from this, this blog exists to act as a supportive group for those struggling with PS, as well as to educate those interested in learning about it.

At PIP-UK we support all blogs, forums, pages on Poland Syndrome. So if you know of any more you think we should be sharing do let us know by leaving a comment below or writing us a quick message via our contact us page.

Edit: Sadly this in no longer available. But there are lots of things to see on tumblr from other authors about Poland Syndrome