There are so many brave souls out there sharing their stories about growing up with poland syndrome. Writing pages to be published in magazines or sharing short articles on their own blogs. Today we bring you another story to share someone else’s experience and remind you, you are not alone.

The article comes from “You and Me” online site. It has been written by a lady who has poland syndrome and she takes through some of her memories growing up with this rare birth difference.

A short quote from the article seen below is indicative of questions that swirl around many a young girls head who has poland syndrome.

Haven’t we always heard about the beautiful bosom that represent the womanhood? What my future life partner is going to think when he knew that I am a one breast female? He would probably ask me to enter either The Guinness Book Of Records or The Ripley’s Believe it or Not ! – for people would sure be very curious wanted to see the chest of one breast woman, many would probably can’t imagine how would it look like?? Will my future daughter inherit this syndrome? I will never have the chance to wear any apparel as I like in my whole life..These questions keep lingering in my mind as I was growing up, more and more intense..

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