At PIP-UK we introduced you to Bryce Molder about a year ago. He’s a golfer and a good one at that! This year he has been playing in the PGA tour. In a recent interview with he had this to say about his experience with Poland Syndrome

“I remember the worst part was playing basketball or soccer and playing shirts and skins, when you’re 8 years old,” he said. “I didn’t want to take my shirt off. That to me was probably the biggest drawback that I’ve ever had from it.”

“I was born that way,” he added. “Fortunately I’ve got a mild case. I didn’t know anything different. If you were to ask me when I was 7, I would’ve said I’m going to play golf on the PGA Tour. Well, I was 7. I didn’t know any better, because there were a million 7-year-olds probably saying that. But the fact that I’m actually doing it is really cool.”

Bryce Molder was born without a left pectoral muscle due to Poland Syndrome and left his left hand smaller than his right. Three fingers were webbed, and Molder had two surgeries before turning 5 years old.

Tell us about your inspirations and what drives you to succeed. We think Bryce is a shining example that nothing should hold you back whatever your situation. But who do you look up to?