For women and girls with Poland Syndrome the underdevelopment of the breast on the affected side can be an issue. This underdevelopment can range from a breast that is smaller than the other, to complete absence of the breast. The pectoralis, large chest muscle, is also impacted and may be completely missing in some cases. Breast reconstruction is a commonly sought solution for the breast impacted by Poland’s Syndrome. Until this time or as an alternative to surgery a prosthesis may be worn.

Finding a bra or swimwear that is comfortable and supportive can be difficult. PIP-UK have spoken to the Bra Clinic to see what advice is available for these situations. Here is what they advise,

Initially I would advise you ask for an appointment to see a Breast Care Nurse this may be through your GP.

The Breast Care Nurse should be able to advise/provide a partial or full breast form/prosthesis.

( You may be entitled to a breast form and fitting through the NHS saving a lot of money and also getting correct advise and fitting).

The Breast Care Nurse may be able to advise someone they use for bra fittings.

I would advise a padded bra with pocket linings to secure the breast form.

Amoena Lara bra and Anita Tonya bra are suitable and what I would recommend

  • Amoena are based in Southampton and supply some retail shops.
  • Anita are London based and again supply some retail specialist shops.
  • Nicola Jane have a shop in London.

If you look at the website to see what style of bra you like, because the companies who supply The Bra Clinic also visit hospitals, keeping them updated with products so the Breast Care Nurse may
have samples of some bras to show you.

The bra clinic also supply swimwear and their motto is “be comfortable, be confident”. The Bra-Clinic is a UK company (delivery is worldwide) and they have a specific page about Poland Syndrome and we recommend you take a look. The Bra-Clinic also has breast prosthetics that you can purchase as well, even ones that you can use to go swimming.


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