On our Facebook page recently there was some discussion about Poland Syndrome and it’s relation to upper respiratory infections. It seems some medical professionals believe Poland Syndrome makes you no more likely to be susceptible whilst others believe there is a correlation.

During our research we found this extract from a medical text which makes specific reference to Poland Syndrome.

“Pulmonary function is influenced by the structure of the chest wall ( Chapter 365). Chest wall abnormalities can lead to restrictive or obstructive pulmonary disease, impaired respiratory muscle strength, and decreased ventilatory performance in response to physical stress. The congenital chest wall deformities include pectus excavatum, pectus carinatum, sternal clefts, Poland syndrome, and skeletal and cartilage dysplasias. Vertebral anomalies such as kyphoscoliosis can alter pulmonary function in children and adolescents”.

Reference “The Nelson Books of Pediatrics” Edition 19 Chapter 411.1

Certainly it depends on the level of severity of the Poland Syndrome. For example not everyone has under developed or missing chest muscles. We know the pectoral muscles are used in functions such as coughing and some medical professionals have suggested it may be more difficult for someone with Poland Syndrome to remove mucus from their system.

What is your experience?