Being born with Poland Syndrome means that you can have a noticeable visual difference. You may have one hand smaller than the other, fingers might be webbed or fused together or you might have missing digits altogether. This often leads to questions especially from children. We found this story whilst researching the web:

“My son’s best friend back East has a limb difference. He was born with one hand smaller than the other.

When the curious would stare, he would lift his smaller hand and wiggle it while he smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

“This? It’s my little hand” he would say. “It’s not as strong as the other one, but it’s OK.”

And just as nonchalantly, he would climb the monkey bars.

Last year he was honored for rescuing a girl who fell through the ice into a freezing pond.

This year, as a freshmen, he is wrestling on the varsity team.

He does it all with both hands, one helping the other.”

This great little story really says it all. Poland Syndrome is just part of what makes a person. It isn’t a label it isn’t a reason to be alarmed its just different.

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