Poland Syndrome is a birth difference which causes one hand to be smaller than the other. Sometimes fingers might be webbed together when a baby is born. There may also be fingers fused together or missing fingers altogether. This can present a problem when buying gloves. Especially if you happen to need gloves to ride a motorbike. We picked up on this story from a bikers forum:

I have my disability so my hands are differently sized, I asked the salesperson if they had any reject right hand gloves in extra small or small size.

She took me out the back to look at there collection of reject gloves that were incorrectly shipped, damaged etc. I picked out some gloves that fit well etc and was proceeding to leave when the owner made a smart arse remark about if I had one shoe smaller than the other because they also had heaps of botched boots needing to go back

Apart from being highly offended, it was easier to brush it aside as the sales person didn’t have to go out of her way to help me.

Astoundingly inappropriate comment by the owner! It is entirely possible it was said in jest and meant to be humorous rather than rude or offensive. People panic when they see something unknown or unusual to their defined view.

The author of this story could have ranted about the owner but instead chose to focus on the positives of the sales lady.  Sometimes in life its easy to focus on the negatives because we remember feelings of hurt more deeply than messages of positives.

“For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction” – Sir Isaac Newton

Newton’s third law, he was of course talking physics and not about human beings. However, the more we learn it seems the more this idea applies to us as human beings. This short story is evidence of that.

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