The Woods Family

You will know from our Facebook posts about the amazing Woods family, Dad Robbie has roped in 12 runners to take on the Aberdeen Half Marathon in August, all to raise funds for PIP-UK and raise awareness of Poland’s Syndrome.

They were recently featured in a local newspaper article and we wanted to share it with you all.  It gives a lovely mention to PIP-UK and honestly gave me goosebumps when I read it, such a familiar story and experience and one we work hard to improve for everyone, everyday.

The money they have raised already, £3,247 and growing, is the most funding PIP-UK has ever received in our entire 6 year history.  We are working hard behind the scenes to make sure this used wisely to help as many families effected by Poland’s Syndrome as possible.  We will keep you posted on our plans.

You can read the article here and if you would like to sponsor this amazing team then please visit here