This is the brand new banner for the upcoming campaign we told you about “What if my baby has limb difference?”. Many parents are full of questions on finding out there baby has limb difference. We are working with DysNet and EDRIC to tell the world about all the positives that come with limb difference.

Last month we asked parents of kids born with limb difference to complete a survey. The next stage of our campaign is to work on putting a video together full of a dozen or so people who have limb difference sharing the answer to this question:

“What would the world have missed if I hadn’t been born?”

So if you would like to get involved you can send your videos to pip.charity@gmail.com and we’ll share them with the campaign team. This is your chance to raise awareness, tell the world why limb difference is just that “different”.

Here are the video shooting guidelines:

  • Landscape format – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT – holding the phone/tablet the wrong way up results in an unuseable video – think of the shape of your television
  • Choose a quiet space away from family/work noise, traffic, aeroplanes etc.
  • Un-cluttered background
  • Speak clearly but don’t read from a script – unless you’re a broadcast professional, it will sound awful
  • Ask shooter to use tripod/stand very still
  • Leave five seconds beginning and end
  • Check lighting levels – videos shot against the window make the person appear in silhouette, for example
  • Personal story with a reference to children with limb differences, no need to introduce yourself – your name will appear after two or three seconds at the bottom of the screen
  • Less is more – you don’t need to go into a lot of detail, just tell a compelling story in a minute
  • Max 60 seconds – about 150-170 words – less is more
  • Resolution as good as possible – most smartphones now shoot in 1080p HD
  • Native language and English versions (if you speak other languages)
  • Perhaps add shoot with the light source behind the person holding the camera and avoid bright sunlight directly on the subject. Large defused light sources are best (i.e. through a net curtain)

What if campaign in association with DysNet and EDRIC
edric and dysnet