There are lots of people out there who think they are the only one who has Poland Syndrome or has a child with Poland Syndrome. Well, here at PIP-UK we’re trying to change all that. We want our readers to share their own stories and experiences. The good, the bad and the ugly anyway it comes. Talking about Poland Syndrome helps us all learn and creates a place where you can share ideas.

We bring you shared experiences from across the web and try to pull them into one place. One portal where everyone can find something they’re looking for. So why don’t you share your story? We have set up a page where you can write to us.

If you want to tell your story but keep it anonymous we can do that. If you don’t want personal pictures published, no problem we can also handle that. If you’re happy to share everything then get stuck in and write to us. Maybe you want to write in short spurts and just give us a one-off memory. Whatever it is let us know and we’ll publish your story.