PIP-UK received a request this week that we would like to share with our readers and supports… would you be interested in sharing your experiences about Poland Syndrome to help others. One of PIP-UK’s goals is to spread the word about Poland Syndrome and this seems like a great opportunity. If you do decide to contact the team do let us know.

I am hoping you might be able to assist me. I’m an Assistant Producer for Barcroft Productions making a second series of Body Bizarre: an international medical TV series for Discovery/ TLC International, which follows adults and children from around the globe dealing with rare health disorders.

It features a mixture of science, revealing new research and pioneering treatments, and the personal and emotional stories of the people and families involved.
The series is made up of ten episodes and each of them features five patients’ stories, which range from 6 to 15 minutes in length. Many of the stories will follow the individuals through diagnosis, treatment and surgery. Others will show people in their daily lives, raising awareness about the condition and it’s effects. We are looking for participants with rare disorders who would be interested in taking part in the programme.

We will need to film with each participant for around three to seven days, covering any important medical events which occur during our schedule. The filming schedule has been running from December 2013 and finishes in February 2014. We use just one or two-man crews, made up of a producer/director with a single camera, and sometimes one assistant to help them. We only need to film key medical moments – such as major tests and interviews about the tests – so our teams will not be disruptive.

Would it be possible for you to circulate this e-mail to all your members?

As we already have a number of participants we are hoping to make contact with people who is personally affected by congenital limb deficiency, particularly people who are about to embark on treatments or diagnosis.

We are not restricted by location, so encourage people from all over the world to get in touch. All we require is a short paragraph about the person and their rare disease along with a photograph.

People can contact me directly via e-mail: