Small charities week 2014 ! You can help PIP-UK to be in the running to win £200 for charity by showing your support on Twitter or Facebook (or even both)
small charities week 2014


For Twitter all you need to do is tweet ” “I love @PIPManchester because they are raising awareness of #polandsyndrome #ILoveSmallCharities” You must include @PIPManchester and the #ILoveSmallCharities for the entry to be counted. Only one per person is counted so know need to keep re-tweeting!


facebook icon For Facebook you need to go to the small charity week Facebook page  and leave the following message on their page:

“I Love PIP – UK because they are raising awareness on#polandsyndrome

Thanks for your support guys

PIP-UK is a member of the FSI (The Foundation of Social Improvement). Which is a non-profit organisation for small charities. We work with the FSI to become better at running our charity by attending the training courses they run every year. We also have access to a wealth of knowledge and support. The FSI also run events like the e-bay charity auction, the Christmas car raffle and the small charity week. The idea is to bring small charities together to pool resources for the greater good.