Poland Syndrome family get together being organised by our friends at PSSG another Poland Syndrome Charity based in the UK.

Conkers is a great day out for all the family. There’s plenty to see and do. The PIP-UK team attended last year and we had a great day. The food at the Cafe was good and reasonably priced. We even took a ride on the train around the park.

Kids with Poland Syndrome can be shy about making friends and playing with others. Conkers creates a great environment to just relax and forget about their worries. Meeting other kids like them helps them settle and get along.

The activity centre inside has plenty for kids to do. So if there’s a shower or two (we had this last year) there’s things inside for kids to get involved with too.

We recommend you come down and join us. We’ll be there too, so do come seek us out and say hello if you decide to join us for the day.