Buying the first bra for a young teenage girl can be a difficult transition finding the right size, feeling comfortable and finding something friends will approve too. For a young girl with Poland Syndrome this stage in life can be a time to discuss re-constructive surgery and options for the future. But there are alternatives such as breast shaped prosthetics which can be used which don’t cost the earth.

At PIP-UK we found a site called the Bra-Clinic which has some useful advice and recommendations for a suitable bra to help a young teenager or adult feel confident and comfortable. In fact that’s their motto “be comfortable, be confident”. The Bra-Clinic is a UK company (delivery is worldwide) and they have a specific page about Poland Syndrome and we recommend you take a look. The Bra-Clinic also has breast prosthetics that you can purchase as well, even ones that you can use to go swimming.