Poland Syndrome Basic Facts

Poland Syndrome is also known as Poland’s Syndrome, Poland’s Sequence, Poland’s Anomaly and Poland’s Syndactyly. It is a rare syndrome which affects a small percentage of the population. Poland Syndrome is named after the man credited for finding medical cases which linked together “Sir Alfred Poland”.

Poland Syndrome is something you are born with it is classed as a congenital birth difference. Typically a person may have one smaller hand (possibly with missing digits) and missing chest muscles on the same side. However as Poland Syndrome is a collection of symptoms rather than a disease it affects people differently. These differences are often what makes getting a diagnosis of Poland Syndrome tricky.

This slide deck contains Poland Syndrome basic facts. For those diagnosed with Poland Syndrome you might find this useful to share with medical professionals. For those recently diagnosed with Poland Syndrome, basic facts might be what you need to gain a quick overview.

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