Poland Syndrome is visually seen by everyone and can often be the cause of some cruel comments and jibes in childhood. Any child can be subject to bullying unfortunately some adults do not get better with age! When you have a child with limb differences it can sometimes be harder to listen to your child talk about these issues or watch them as they take on board the stares and the comments. The need to protect is incredibly strong in all of us. Sometimes we may feel a child with limb differences.

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Born Just Right is a blog we follow regularly. Jordan was born with a limb difference and throughout her life her parents have continued to blog about their experiences. Jordan’s mum wrote an article about a recent experience where a boy at school was being unkind to Jordan. Everyone is different and the approach may not work for you but we think its important to share stories about this.

Jordan’s mum opens the article with a sentiment that parents with limb differences will completely relate to:

My entire goal as Jordan’s mom is to help arm her with the strength to grow old without pain and have the ability to stand tall and deal with people who may not say nice things about her difference.

In the face of listening to a child’s upset it can be hard to decide what to do next. Jordan’s mum explains what they did:

We talked to Jordan’s teacher and she made sure the playground helpers were made aware of our problem. She’s also making sure Jordan is never purposefully close to the child when they are in the classroom or walking in the hallways. Jordan says she noticed how there’s more physical distance in class. It helps her feel better. It’s hard knowing there is a child at school who is so deeply sad, he feeds off of any kind of attention. He knows negativity catches attention quickly, so he uses it more than kindness. I wish I could hug him if I knew it would help.

Isn’t Jordan’s mum wonderful? It’s all too easy for us to forget that deep down the bully is often hurting too. People don’t generally start out life with a desire to be cruel. Often they are unwell themselves or missing something important to them. They don’t feel secure or safe or loved. We can easily forget this in the face of our own distraught loved ones.