brody medWe recently met Brody through Facebook. Brody was born with “Poland Sequence” He’s missing ribs, pectoralis major muscle, and severe deformity of the right hand. All affecting the right side.

We’ve mentioned before that Poland Syndrome can be known by a few different names. One of these is Poland Sequence, others include Poland’s Anomaly, Poland’s Syndrome, Poland Syndactyly.

Brody is bright as a button and what a beautiful smile he has. We’re going to spend some time getting to know Brody and share some of his achievements with you.

Poland Syndrome affects everyone differently you can see from the picture here that Brody’s right hand is smaller than his right hand. Also the right hand is uniquely formed. He has four fingers and a thumb but they look different to his left hand. This is a common feature in the birth difference we know as Poland Syndrome.

Like many Mum’s to be, Brody’s Mum had no idea Brody would be born with Poland Syndrome. She wrote to us about her experience of Brody’s birth and how it affected her.

“His birth was so traumatic because we had no idea of the deformities, and I had two ultrasounds a week for “high amniotic fluid” and the baby wasn’t growing for his gestational age, little did we know Poland Sequence was why! I should have been asking why do I have high amniotic fluid, why isn’t the baby growing like he should when I’m doing everything right! And after hundreds of ultrasounds, I still want to know….HOW? How could this be missed? How could “missing” ribs and missing fingers be missed on ultra sound??? That’s what u/s picks up is bone, I understand not seeing he is missing this muscles but how could this have gone unnoticed??? Especially with as many ultrasounds as I had, but I believe I’ve moved past the trauma and moved on. Brody is such my inspiration and through him I’ve learned to never ever take the ease of things for granted”

We’re glad to have found Brody and his family and delighted that they are keen to share his story with us. We’ll keep you up to date as we learn about some of Brody’s therapies for Poland Syndrome. As well as letting you know as he reaches small milestones.

You can follow Brody directly through Facebook and share his story with others.