We heard about a young boy who has Poland Syndrome looking for funding to fulfill his baseball dream.  You can help show your support by donating and sharing his story. We wish Jeremy all the best and hope it makes it to the World Series.


jay jay

Aloha my name is Jeremy Kainui Kaawaloa-Alidon. I am 7 years old and I was born with a rare disease called Poland syndrome. Poland syndrome causes half of my body to grow slower while I was in my mothers womb even tho I was born with a rare disease I always have a smile on my face and push myself to try every sport but my greats love is baseball. I have been selected to play in the World Series in southern Mississippi for the Dizzy Dean league from July 18-24 I’m seeking donations to help get there and fulfill my dreams. Your donations will help with my flights room and boarding. Baseball has shown me that nothing can stop me from my dreams. Thank you for your time support and donations. Mahalo from Jeremy Kaawaloa-alidon and my parents Jaydene & Christopher Kaawaloa-Alidon