Here’s a question for you that will require your memory and thinking caps…In January 2002, 11 countries started using the Euro as their currency, how many can you name and do you remember the currency they used to use?

Whilst you’re thinking about that, I thought I’d share something that made me shake my head in amazement. In my other life as a call centre team leader, I have a member of my team who is in his 20’s and has just moved back in with his Mum. To ‘help’ yesterday he offered to do the online grocery shopping and as a reward his Mum told him to get himself a treat. He came into work last night feeling quite proud that he’d done the shop, but a bit concerned he’d overspent slightly. He showed me the confirmation e-mail and he’d spent over £500, whereas the normal shop costs his Mum £150!

Here at PIP-UK we’re understand how difficult life can be when money’s tight (even without a son who blows your annual food budget in a month on pizza!). If you have a child who needs to attend hospital appointments, your day to day costs can increase significantly.

However, there are places you can go to for help and advice. If you are travelling to a NHS appointment, the cost of your travel can be refunded, or even applied for in advance. Click here for more details.

The Money Advice Service website also has hints and tips for budgeting as well as other money issues.

If you are in need of further financial assistance, please contact us and we will look into how we can help. (UK Residents only).

As for today’s brain teaser, the countries were Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, and Spain.  Come back next week to find out if you remembered the currencies!

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