We had our first runner sign up tonight … thank you Karl! So which of you is going to join him?

The run is on 4th August 2013 at Woodbank Park in Stockport. The race starts at 11am and registration begins at 10am.

The PIP-UK team really needs your support, we want to spread the word about Poland Syndrome so parents, teachers, medical professionals and everyone knows what is all about. With your help we can get the word out. We can people in touch with the specialists who understand this syndrome and can offer the best medical advice.

For those of you who are new readers and those regulars among you, let us remind you that no one knows exactly what causes Poland Syndrome. Even the number of incidences of the syndrome can not be accurately calculated in the UK or across the world because it so often misdiagnosed or not recognised. During our journey we have come across adults who didn’t find out they had Poland Syndrome until late in their life, teenagers who have only just learned the news and parents who have been asking questions for 5-6 years of their childs life before they learned about Poland Syndrome.

We really want to change all of that and you can help us by signing up to run or walk the Stockport 10K at Woodbank this August.

We have an online registration form and a page dedicated to the details about the race.