We often here from people who have not been diagnosed with Poland Syndrome until long after childhood. Today we came across the story of a 15 year old girl who just found out she had Poland Syndrome. Unfortunately, her doctors didn’t know that she had Poland Syndrome and as a young teenager she struggled to come to terms with one breast being slightly smaller than the other. Her doctor told her “it would eventually correct itself”

I first started noticing that my right side was bigger then my left side when I was in fourth grade. When I hit middle school, I started sewing padding into my bra so I looked even on both sides. This worked until I was in about 7th grade… that’s when it started getting out of control, but I couldn’t do anything about it. My pediatrician said it would eventually correct itself, so I lived with that false sense of hope from 7th grade till sometime last week. When the end of 8th grade came, there was a big pool party for all the 8th graders who would be heading into high school the following year. I was freaked out about wearing a bikini… I knew people would notice through a swimsuit. That’s when I found a place that sells prosthetic breasts and bras to put the fake breast in, for women who had had breast cancer and had amputations. I just got my second prosthesis about a month ago (you can put them in bathing suits too). They help a lot and look freakishly natural, though they’re kind of on the pricey side.

We found a website for young teenage girls that we think is very useful “The Bra Clinic” can really help young teenage girls with this situation. Being a teenager is tough enough without Poland Syndrome added into the mix. Not everyone has such a difference to deal with sometimes Poland Syndrome only affects the hand and a slightly smaller breast.

Poland Syndrome is more common in boys than girls. Boys too have sunken chest areas on one side where Poland Syndrome is found. They can be self conscious about their appearance as well. Buying a young boy an all in one swim suit like the ones used by surfers can really help their confidence and keep them swimming with their friends.

PIP-UK is here to offer ideas, support, education whatever is needed but most importantly to continue raising awareness so doctors, midwives and all medical professionals don’t make the mistake of giving false hope. We don’t blame them there’s lots of rare syndromes out there and Poland Syndrome is one among thousands.