Who We Are

PIP-UK was founded in 2011 by mother and daughter Liz and Sam. They were inspired by the birth of Sam’s first child, who was born with Poland Syndrome in 2008.

Sam, has this to say about why PIP-UK was created….

Our family’s journey with Poland syndrome had a rocky start, it took 18 months for the family to find a surgeon who showed an interested in the condition and was at the forefront of surgery for Poland Syndrome.

This 18 month journey involved many medical appointments with doctors/surgeon who didn’t know about Poland Syndrome and did not take the families concerns and worries seriously.

With the help of the Polands Syndrome Support Group, the family found the right surgeon for them who performed a less invasive surgery to release the webbing in my sons left hand.

Inspired by the difference this made in their lives, Sam and Liz established PIP-UK to help others in similar circumstances.

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