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At PIP-UK we have considered on and off for sometime about promoting awareness of Poland Syndrome through t-shirts, badges, pins and all manner of things. Whilst we’re still contemplating some friends of ours from across the pond have been busy! Aren’t these t-shirts brilliant? We love the message “Half The Strength – Double The Heart” simply fantastic and so true. And the tagline “embrace your differences” is pretty neat too.

Now we want to hear from you. What would you buy to show your support for PIP-UK. Maybe a mug to use in the office at work? Or a PIP-UK t-shirt, pen, badge or something else? Do let us know, we want to get some feedback and get some items together so we can start selling a few bits and bobs. Having something with the PIP-UK logo is a double bonus. It helps promote our charity then people who needs us know where to find us AND it’s a great talking point to get people discussing poland syndrome. Leave us a comment below.

If you want to buy a t-shirt online as featured above you can click on the picture which will take you to another site to purchase these. At time of posting t-shirt was priced at £11.11

EDIT: 11/10/2014 – Due to unexpected circumstances these are currently unavailable we will update when they are back on line

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4 Responses to “Poland Syndrome t-shirt”

  1. jess says:

    Im 43, have PS amd would love a tshirt!!!
    I think there should be more support and rrsearch for the little people with PS…

    • PIP-UK says:

      Hi Jess

      The T-shirts are brilliant aren’t they? They are put together by a pal from across the pond rather than us so you’ll need to follow the link on the post if you would like to purchase one.
      We also would like to see some research done. We’ve teamed up with an Italian group who hold an international conference every year. They have some qualified medical professionals who are investigating 🙂 but it takes time. We’ll share anything we find out though.

      Thanks for posting x

  2. Jacob says:

    Now,I’m 14 and I have ps. I love this shirt because I love sports and it is perfect because I can show people that I can do everyday things they can do. I was going to play football but I was kicked off due to my disability and so I would like to buy this shirt to wear to next year’s weightlifting and stuff. I can play sports like baseball, lacrosse, basketball, etc. I know it’s not for sale anymore but I really want this shirt badly. I’ll do anything for it. It will help me in many ways 🙂

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