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Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles – Part 2

Having Poland Syndrome can throw up some obstacles in our day to day lives.  Last week we shared a video on how to open a tin can by finding the right tin opener for the job. This week we have an excellent idea for opening a bottle or a jar.

We know the video talks about a dollar shop but don't be put off . Local pound shops and bargain stores in the UK do sell this non-slip grip matting. If you don't find the non-slip grip matting in your local bargain store or pound shop take a look online.  In Google just type in non-slip matting or non-slip grip mat. You don't have to actually buy the mat online there's plenty of shops in the UK which have this product. 

If anyone has any suggestions for future hints and tips like this or wants to share some inspired ideas then please get in touch we would love to hear from you. 

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