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Poland Syndrome: Day to Day Obstacles Part 4

When you have a young child with poland syndrome a million things go through your mind. Will they be able to do "x" or "y". What will it mean day to day? 

John Peterson (who is becoming a regular at PIP-UK we're delighted to say) talks to us today about grasping things and also about driving.  The section on driving is really great and tells us a lot about how he overcame some obstacles. This is really useful for anyone with poland syndrome who is considering learning to drive. John shows you anything is possible and nothing should stand in your way. 

All the people we have met with poland syndrome all have stories to tell. Why don't you drop us a line and tell us about your experiences? We would love to share it with everyone. Good or bad it's all in the learning. 

The PIP-UK team are looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks for stopping by. 

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