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Buttons, Laces and Gloves

Poland Syndrome is birth defect which manifests as a malformation in one hand and the person has chest muscles missing on the same side. 

John Peterson is producing a series of videos on living with Poland Syndrome.  Here at PIP-UK we are sharing the videos to help everyone's understanding. 

In this video John talks to us about how to do up a button the sleeve of a shirt, how to tie shoes laces and his experience with gloves. 

The laces section will be of particular use to young children and parents no doubt! It's a good way to teach youngsters with Poland Syndrome to tie laces. 

The fingerless gloves are a great idea and really easy to do if you're already a knitter. Just plain stitch a strip and then fold it over and you can make the thumb hole be wherever it suits the person wearing them the best. 

Thanks for taking time out to stop by and listen to John. We would love to hear from anyone who wants to share their own experience so get in touch and lets pool our ideas! 

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