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Useful Information for Young Girls with Poland Syndrome

Buying the first bra for a young teenage girl can be a difficult transition finding the right size, feeling comfortable and finding something friends will approve too. For a young girl with Poland Syndrome this stage in life can be a time to discuss re-constructive surgery and options for the future. But there are alternatives such as breast shaped prosthetics which can be used which don’t cost the earth.

At PIP-UK we found a site called the Bra-Clinic which has some useful advice and recommendations for a suitable bra to help a young teenager or adult feel confident and comfortable. In fact that’s their motto “be comfortable, be confident”. The Bra-Clinic is a UK company (delivery is worldwide) and they have a specific page about Poland Syndrome and we recommend you take a look. The Bra-Clinic also has breast prosthetics that you can purchase as well, even ones that you can use to go swimming.

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2 Responses to “Useful Information for Young Girls with Poland Syndrome”

  1. Gwyneth ~Pocock says:

    My 19month old granddaughter has it. And I worry about the future. She is an athlete, climbs everywhere. Her right shoulder has dropped and her scapular wings, and now they say it is happening on the left side. We spent the first year fighting torticollis, and didn’t notice her shoulder, only worrying about her head shape and intense physio on her neck. So what does the future hold I wonder? Both her hands are ok, so maybe we should just be thankful for that.
    Any advice gragefully received.

    • Liz - Trustee says:

      George is my grandson with Poland’s syndrome. Your granddaughter sounds like a lively bundle of fun. From what I’ve read about torticollis, the physio exercises are very successful but must be very tiring for you all. You should perservere and follow all the advice given by the physiotherapists. When George was born with Poland’s syndrome it took us all by surprise. Only with mum and dads perseverance did George receive the treatment he needed. Its very painful to watch a little one going through any surgery or treatment but you have to be strong and think positively, children are so resilient. Children with polands syndrome grow up to have a life as fulfilled and happy as the next child. I’m sure your granddaugher with fill your life with joy and happiness as George has with mine. The books Sam has recommended to you may help. Please keep in touch and let us know how your granddaughter gets on.

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