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My names Faraz, I’m the creatbody building blogor of the website “Poland Syndrome Bodybuildinghttp://psbodybuilding.wix.com/polandsyndrome 

After being diagnosed in 2010 i set out to find others like myself, to my amazement i discovered i wasn’t alone! the amount of people who also workout with PS was a real surprise. Since then i have been interacting with others and helping those who are new to exercise and working out providing, info and advice.
My main reason in creating the site is to help others like myself and provide some valuable help and advice when it comes to fitness/bodybuilding with PS. I realize there are many, many others like myself, some of wbody building blog 3hich need a little guidance. i have acquired a lot of experience over the years and i feel its my duty to help them and pass on this knowledge. it’s not always an easy road trying to be the best you can be (physically), Injuries are common and its often quite frustrating and depressing when thing don’t go your way. I feel a little right guidance can help prevent this!
The site has a blog, forum and a place to communicate with others who have PS. I searched tirelessly online for some guidance when I started exercising, somewhere I could simply talk to others and exchange experiences, seek advice when it came to weight training and general fitness. Hopefully this site can be just that!
the blog is a place where you can share your story and show your progress, already it has a number of featured members, hopefully thbody building blog 2is will continue to grow as PS bodybuilding awareness grows!.
If you would like to be featured simply contact me via the site (farazhussainps@gmail.com) Instagram (poland_syndrome_bodybuilding) or YouTube (polandsyndromebodybuilding) Help us to help motivate others, we are not alone 🙂

Thanks Faraz for sharing this with the PIP-UK team

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4 Responses to “Poland Syndrome | Body Building – Faraz”

  1. NAYS says:

    I am a 35 born with Poland syndrome and just before some yars i knew what is the medical diagnosis of my condition. Know i am thinking of starting bodybuilding and i hope participation in this group will help me. thank you Mr. Faraz for thinking about the other people having PS, good bless you.

    • Anna - Trustee says:

      Thanks for getting in touch. We’ve passed your praise along to Faraz. We’re delighted you’ve found this helpful.

  2. Nan A Canter says:

    I am. 70 year old woman with PS. It affected my right side, smaller hand, shorter arm, one shoulder shorter, over the years I have lifted free weights up to 10lbs without too many problems bu now that I am older I am beginning to have problems. I have developed arthritis in my neck.

    Doctors and physical therapists have no idea what to do with me. I used to but don’t now. I live in NYC. It would be great if you got involved with the PS Support and Awareness groups and help us develop ways to help the medical profession better serve our needs. Thanks.

    • PIP Admin says:

      Hi thanks for commenting. Not sure if your request to help by getting involved was to us or to the previous responder! We are linked in with the groups and talk to Cindy Sharp, and Gene and some of the other admins from time to time. We’d love to get involved with the medical professionals. We are working on this but it’s slow going.
      We’ve teamed up with some of the PS associations in Europe. The Italian group is quite well established and they are looking some potential medical research. Our mission in the UK is to have a patient group and a specialist and we will succeed in this but we need more individuals and families willing to sign up and get involved. Then as there is with everything there’s money that needs to be sourced in order to get this off the ground. It is very much in the forefront of our minds

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