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Poland Syndrome Awareness Video

Click on the picture above to view.
This gorgeous little man with polands syndrome is doing a great job at raising awareness around the world.
The music is called imperfect by Robbi Mostina who donated it to her Aunties charity Autism Advantage.
It can be a real tear jerker but truly inspirational

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One Response to “Poland Syndrome Awareness Video”

  1. Sam F says:

    I just love this video and this song, i could watch and listen to it over and over. One day i will get a copy of the music, and keep it with the things I want to share with my son who has PS when he is old enough to want more information. So far I have two books for him, PS you are loved is my favourite. And i’ve started to bookmark lots of websites for him, he’s only 3 so maybe a while until he is interested. Thanks for sharing Dante’s story.

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